Sunday, 19 February 2012

What a Knit Wit - A Life Less Organised......

Things have been a tad stressful in my 'neck of the woods' over the past three weeks, mostly the 'joys' of having a new kitchen fitted and coping with the major disruption to life that this entails.  No cooker for the whole time, just microwave, kettle and toaster in the conservatory, quite a challenge to try and prepare meals I can tell you !  We've frequented our local pub for evening meals on more than one occasion.

With the whole house upside down and huge amounts of dust everywhere, I adopted the route of least resistance and spent lots of time knitting and cuddling my little dog Tilly who has been upset by the upheaval.  With no space to craft and everwhere so dusty and dirty, knitting is the only crafty pastime I've been able to indulge in.  No point in trying to do any housework with all this going on - well that's my excuse anyway LOL

Here's a warm and cosy jumper I knitted for Tilly, she was feeling the cold a lot during the recent frosty spell, especially as she had her hair cut short the week before.  Her new jumper has kept her nice and warm and the added benefit is that it used up some of the yarn that had been lurking at the bottom of my knitting bag for a while.

Here she is wearing her jumper and posing for the camera !

I've also knitted a couple of little shawls, well this one is a shawl which you can wear tied at the back and it just fills the neckline of a jacket, or over the shoulders in the usual way. 

The other one is more of a cowl or collar and should have been knitted in the round on a circular needle, but my needle was too long, so I adjusted the pattern to be able to knit it on a pair of straight needles.  It turned out OK and looks like the picture on the pattern anyway !  Hard to photograph well though, but at least you can get an idea of the lacy pattern.
Although the kitchen is not fully complete yet, at least my cooker and washing machine are in place and working, so life has suddenly got a whole lot easier, just got to wait for the builders to come back and replace skirting boards and do the final fixings and we should be back to some sort of normality.  It's driven me crazy with no space to do my papercrafting.

Here's a piccie of my lovely new cooker, got to get used to using an electric hob though as I've had gas ones for most of my married life.   Thanks for dropping by today, I hope to have some cards to share with you all very soon.  There are a few challenges around which I want to enter and I need to get back to working on my DT projects as soon as I can.


Kathyk said...

And how smart does Miss Tilly look? Fabulous work young Wynneth


Jayne Hayward said...

I can remember when I had my kitchen re-fitted having only a microwave, toaster and kettle to use but its all worth it for the end result:-)

Tilly looks really cosy in her new jumper.

Anyway love the new cooker - bet you cant wait to get using it.

Jayne xx

Annie said...

hey - nice cooker! I wonder how long it will be before you stop cleaning it after every use .. .. I gave up at Christmas so that was about a month! Tilly looks so cute in her warm coat, don't think it would work on the cockers though! thanks for the knitting patterns, not had a chance to do anything as the paintbrush has barely left my hand .. .. I'll try and ring you as I need to come up and spend Mum's voucher at the garden centre, before it's out of date.
love and hugs, annie x

Debs M said...

oh what a gorgeous picture of tilly!! great knits, hope you are one step closer to having the kitchen completed x