Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pretty Pink Cardies

Just before last christmas I received a lovely comission from a sweet crafting pal, to knit a pink cardi for her little girl.  She had a favourite pink cardi which was far too small for her to wear any longer which was making her unhappy.  I managed to find a knitting pattern which was a close enough match to the original cardi and some lovely soft yarn in the right shade of pink, so set about getting it knitted over the christmas holidays.

Here's the finished cardi ready to be packed up and shipped off to it's new home.

and here's the cardi being modelled beatifully by it's new owner
I think the pretty flower buttons were a great hit judging from this next pic
After finishing the cardi there was almost half of the yarn left over, so I decided to knit an extra 'surprise' in the form of a Ballet Wrap top.
Here it is finished and ready to be posted out
and here's a very happy young lady modelling her 'surprise' extra
Now who wouldn't want to knit pretty things for this gorgeous little one ?  I really enjoyed making these for her and so happy to hear that she was delighted with them when they arrived.  Thanks for sending me the stunning pix Katie.
Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest projects.  I think I'll share a card with you next time, so until then, keep on crafting !


MichelleZ said...

That is the sweetest story! I am certain that that little girl will remember her favorite sweater with the flower buttons long after she grows up. You didn't just make her heirloom sweaters. You made her memories! Thank you for sharing. :)

Deb said...

they are both so beautiful as is your little model. I love the patterns you used, especially the lacy cuffs and pretty buttons on the first!

Linda said...

Beautifully modelled and fantastic knitting. That wool was lovely and soft too.

Kathyk said...

FABULOUS knitting projects and, my word doesn't little Amelie look like she loves them? How great to know just how much they've been appreciated too

Happy Wednesday


Katiejane said...

I have to agree with Michelle, Amelie will remember these cardi's forever she's a very sentimental girl. I loved reading this post, you are just the sweetest and although I've said it a bunch of times I just can't thank you enough.
Oh and the buttons were a big hit, how did you tell? ;)
Have a lovely day Wynneth.
Katie xx

Jayne Hayward said...

These are gorgeous and you are so talented. Looks very much like they were a great hit with their owner :-)

Jayne x