Friday, 26 April 2013

April Sugar Block Club BOM

As another week draws to a close and we look forward to the weekend, I'm sharing my latest quilting block for the Sugar Block Club BOM (Block of the Month).  If you'd like to know more about this BOM club, click on the link in my sidebar to check it out. 

When I received the email with the design and instructions for April's Block I groaned out loud !  Yet more paper piecing - which I've struggled with so far on the course - Yikes !  However I did actually find it a lot easier with this month's block.

I don't know if it's due to the fact that I'm getting more skilled in this method or if it was actually easier - as there were fewer sections on each template this time.  All I hope is that there aren't too many blocks created with this method during the rest of the year as I am determined to stick it out to the end of the year and complete all twelve blocks ! 

My pals Linda and Karen are also following the Sugar Block Club BOM course and you can check out their blocks for April on their own blogs.  We have all selected different colours and designs in our fabrics and it is interesting to see just how different the same block pattern looks.

Thanks for checking out today's project, I hope you've enjoyed your visit and that you'll be back again real soon.  I'll be sharing the block for May on here on the last friday of next month - if I've managed to stick to my timetable and get it finished in time !


Karen K said...

Hi Wynneth

It's beautiful and well done you. I have sadly not finished, I tried so hard last night but you know when you get to the point that you just make more mess if you keep going....well that's where I got to. I have to make the triangles into squares and then join all the blocks so nearly there.... will finish tonight and post up

Well done K xxx

Karen K said...

Hi Wynneth

You may get this twice as I have just tried to post a comment and it has gone walkabouts.

What a great job you have done and well done for finishing it on time. I am nearly there, will post mine up tonight - I just need to make it into squares and then join the four of them together to finish the block.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and silly of me to keep putting it off to the last minute.... won't get caught like that again, last night I was so frustrated at not getting finished.

Great job

love k xxx

Lilian said...

Wynneth. That is lovely well done. Hugs

Linda said...

This is so pretty and the colours are even more beautiful IRL.

Jayne Hayward said...

This is fantastic I love the shapes and material you have used. I'm still awaiting my first batch of squares to arrive just to have a play with to see if I'd want to make more but am very interested in joining this club.

Jayne x

Katie Berberich said...

This is STUNNING! Your new sewing machine is being put to excellent use. Will you turn all of your squares into a single quilt at the end? That's a lovely idea, takes the strain off a huge project breaking up the blocks into monthly sessions.
I must add this to my bucket list!
Katie xx