Monday, 22 April 2013

Learning to Machine Quilt

Last saturday I attended a workshop to learn machine quilting and had a really great day.   The aim of the workshop was to create six blocks of fabric and quilt them all, before joining them together to create a large decorative tote to carry cutting mat(s) and rulers.

There were eight of us attending the workshop in all, here we are setting up our sewing machines ready to get going

Here's my lovely new Janome TXL 607 sewing machine - it's a dream to work with although I'm still learning what it can do.  I have so many new project ideas flying around my head using it, can't wait to get started on some of them !
We were asked to prepare for the workshop by stitching nine 5 inch squares of fabric into blocks
(known as nine-patch)  making 6 blocks in all

Taking each of the 6 nine-patch blocks, we cut them in half vertically and then horizontally, creating four new square blocks which were then sewn back together in a different order (hard to explain in words, so here's a pic of four of the squares being sewn back together....

....and the finished block of four - known as a 'disappearing nine-patch - you will note how the centre (red) squares get cut into four small squares and the four corner squares remain whole.

We were then ready to start the machine quilting - here's my first panel
first panel finished
second panel finished
I still have four more panels to quilt and after they're finished I'll join all six panels together to create the tote, adding binding strips and handles in matching fabrics.  Still a WiP for the moment, but it will be great practice to machine quilt all these panels and have a useful tote at the end of it.  I'll share more pix once my tote is completed.
Hope you've enjoyed seeing my latest sewing project.  I need to pack my sewing machine away for a while, I'm busy cardmaking again as I have a number of birthday, thank you,  anniversary and DT cards to make in the next couple of days - wish me luck !
Thanks for dropping by to my little bit of Blogland for a 'look see' .


Linda said...

So glad you had such a wonderful day playing with your new machine and learning new skills. Your blocks look great and I can't wait to see the rest of them and the finished article.

Debs M said...

love this Wynneth - you will have so many gorgeous things in your home! x

Jayne Hayward said...

oh wow Wynneth this looks amazing and looks like you learnt alot too. wish there was something like that my way. Your machine looks fab - mines a Toshiba but really old now as had it when I lived back with my parents lol

Jayne x

Kathyk said...

GR8 project - bet you had a blast at the class too


Katiejane said...

No, no -don't pack it away! You are doing wonders with your fabulous new machine -it's gorgeous.
Your course sounds like an awesome day out and I love what you achieved by creating a quilting square and then cutting it/twist/sewing it back together again -LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
If you must put it away,not for too long.
Enjoy your cardmaking Wynneth, have a great day. Another fabulous post.
Katie xx

Lilian said...

Looking great Wynneth. Its always nice to learn something new, Hugs

Karen K said...

Hi Wynneth

What a useful day for you Wynneth, would love to do something like that.

I have not even started my Sugar Block yet... I hope to get it done for posting up on Friday...

K xx