Sunday, 23 June 2013

Didn't we have a luverly time the day we went to Snazzy's !

Happy Sunday morning Folks, hope you're having a great day, weather isn't looking promising here so far - dull, windy and a tad chilly - hope it's better wherever you are in the world.

I had a wonderful start to the weekend, travelled by train to Bristol to my crafting pal Kathy's on Friday afternoon.  We spent the rest of the afternoon grappling with my newly acquired We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board !  We had a bundle of laughs and by the end of the afternoon I had no mascara left, but we still couldn't get my new toy to produce what we wanted.  Seems to me that some of the measurements on their charts given to help you create the size of envelope you want are just not correct.  Either that or it's a bad case of 'Operator Error' so I'll have to investigate further before consigning the said item of equipment to the part of my craftroom designated to store all the 'must haves' which never lived up to their hype !

On Saturday morning we set off for Swindon to meet up with two more crafting pals (Lauren and Debs) for a workshop at Snazzy's craft store.   As we all live so far away from each other and for the most part are in touch only online, it was a rare treat for us to get together for a little crafting sesh.  We met up at the outlet mall, deciding on an early bite of lunch before setting off to Snazzy's.  We just happened to go past the Cadbury outlet, so we wandered in, only to check what was in there of course !  Each of us exited with a bag of goodies with which to surprise our loved-ones when we returned home - and to sustain us on our individual journeys home ..... !  

The owner of Snazzy's - Val - said they would provide all necessary materials and equipment and I actually went there without a single item from my own stash - not even my fave pair of scissors or beloved guillotine.... scary !  I need not have worried as they really DID supply all that we needed for our projects.

Here's the project I created

All of us proudly showing off our creations 

It always amazes me how, despite working from the same example each of our finished creations turned out slightly differently as we approached each step of the project in our own style - that's why art and crafting are so AMAZING. 
I'm afraid I just HAD to bring home these yummy new JOFY stamps by Jo Firth-Young
from Paper Artsy - well it would have been positively rude not to wouldn't it ? !
There are a couple more JOFYs that I NEED, but I was limited by the amount of cash I had on me as Snazzy's don't take credit cards for payment - maybe it was just as well as I could have run amok amongst the fabberooney stash in the shop and we may have been in danger of not being able to eat for a month !  

I can't wait to get these babies inked now so you may see them appearing in projects on here very soon.

Thank you so much Kathy for organising us and Snazzys facilitating such a grand day out for us. 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, whatever you have planned.


Kathyk said...

You are MOST welcome Wynneth, it was so lovely to meet up with you all and craft/laugh/shop/lunch/chat. Admirable haul matey!

Can't wait to do it all again soon


Linda said...

I knew you'd have a wonderful time - fantastic project which I look forward to seeing soon IRL and all those lovely new stamps.

Debs M said...

a great day had by all - lovely to meet and craft! Looking forward to doing it again soon x

Lauren Hatwell said...

It WAS fun wasn't it...and your project turned out beautifully. Can't wait to see you at Newbury in a couple of weeks when we can shop til we drop. Those JOFY's are just so great and should keep you going for a little while at least :oD

Jayne Hayward said...

Looks and sounds like you had a lovely time

Jayne x