Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A bit of sewing and a great weekend

Happy Tuesday Bloggers, I hope you have a lovely sunny day as I have here in my little bit of Cornwall. 

Warning, today's post is very picture heavy so you might want to get yourself a coffee and make yourself comfortable before you start reading !

Firstly I'm sharing with you pix of a quilted Christmas table runner I made for my pal Kathy, as I was seeing her last weekend, I needed to get sewing last week to finish it in time.  Here's how it turned out

.... apologies for the poor quality of the pictures, I took them in a hurry and foolishly didn't check them before wrapping up the runner and leaving home with it. 
I used a 'disappearing nine patch' design, which is one of my favourites as you just never know how it's going to look until all the fabric pieces are sewn together, it's such a great technique.  For the quilting I stitched 'in the ditch'.  Kathy was really pleased with it (phew!) and in a few short weeks it will be resplendent on her festive table on the Big Day !
As I said earlier, I left home on friday morning for a crafting weekend with Kathy and a couple of other pals.  Kathy and I had Friday afternoon to craft so we started on decorating a couple of 'printers trays' which I'd had in my stash for quite some time but never got around to doing anything with.  On Friday all we had time for was sticking each of the layers together and applying a few thin coats of gesso to prepare it.  I opted for the house shaped printer tray
We had the chance for a little more crafting on sunday morning before I headed home again and we managed some progress on our projects. Here's mine with patterned paper and gold leaf paint applied - it's such pretty paper I decided not to cover it up with stamped images but plan to add metal charms, lace and other pretty embellies that I'm sure are languishing in my stash (you can just see that I've added some 'ROXS', which Kathy had in her stash in the bottom right hand section, attached using Glossy Accents.  I'll share pix of the finished item once it's all done.
Kathy opted for the round printer tray, shown here in it's 'naked' form ready for decoration, and as Kathy crafts at the speed of light she, of course, finished hers !  It is rather splendid as you can see and so very different from the style of mine - isn't individual Creativity wonderful ?

On saturday we headed out to Swindon to meet up with our two pals Cherry and Lauren for a workshop at Snazzy's.  It was a great opportunity to craft with pals, have some uninterrupted 'Me' time and create something I may not have done on my own at home.  We created a 'Twelve Days of Christmas' decoration using a wooden house-shaped blank with papers and stickers from the awesome Graphic 45 Twelve Days of Christmas range.
Here's the sample created by Val of Snazzy's
The kit of materials

Having Fun - Yay !  (note the essential crafting tools on the left - yummy biskwits)
.... here I am working hard on my house deep in creative thought !  I'm a standing up crafter.
Kathy (who crafts at the speed of light) of course finished her project completely and was off shopping in the store whilst I was still working on mine.  I didn't want to rush it and be disappointed with the final result so brought home the rest of the pack of materials and will complete it at home.
Here's my project by the end of the workshop - as you can see there is quite a lot still to be done on it but it's coming along and I have plans for each of the empty 'rooms'.
Congratulations if you've managed to stay with me this far, hope you've enjoyed your visit today, do call back again, it's great to have you visit.
Have a wonderful craft-filled day.


Kathyk said...

The quilted runner is fabulous - thanks so much


Debs M said...

fabulous makes - loving all of them x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Smashing projects Wynneth. I KNOW our Purple Pal was delighted with her table runner and your print trays look fahbulous :oD Didn't we have a lovely time at Snazzy's. Thoroughly enjoyed the class and it was great to see you all.


Linda said...

The table runner is so much better IRL - it will look fabulous on Kathy's table.

A lot of creativity going on with the printer trays and houses - great projects and those tools on the left are definitely an essential part of creativity LOL

Katie Berberich said...

Lucky Kathy! What a sewing Queen you are Wynneth. You roll out projects like there's no tomorrow! It's so inspiring. You sure are getting the best from your new, shiny machine.
Your crafty weekend makes my heart smile. I saw similar pics on Kathy's blog. It's so nice to hear when Bloggers get to meet up. Oh how I'd have liked to be on the spare chair at that table.
Gorgeous, gorgeous pics.
Katie xx