Friday, 30 May 2014

Nutcrackers, Snowmen, a bit of Tartan and a Cute Baby

Happy Weekend !   I hope you've got something nice planned to do over the next couple of days.  Me ? I'm still recovering from jet lag and getting used to the much colder and damper climate here at home brrrrr.......

Today I'm sharing pix of a quilting project I completed in time to take with me to the USA.  I created it as a gift to take to our lovely Cousin Isa who is a huge fan of Nutcrackers and all things Christmas.  As she lives in Las Vegas, she's unlikely to need a warm and snuggly quilt during most of the year, but it will be useful in the Winter I hope, when it can get quite chilly despite being in the middle of the desert.  I collected together lots of pieces of Nutcracker and Christmas themed fabrics, plus a couple of tartan-style fabrics as she was born and raised in Scotland until she married. 

Here's the finished quilt (displayed by my trusty quilt holder !)

I backed the quilt with nice soft red fleece for added cuddle factor.

Here's a close up shot of the fabric

Now for the cute baby. 

Whilst we were staying in Laughlin, NV during our vacation, we took a drive across into Arizona, into the black hills to an old mining town called Oatman.  The mines were deserted many years ago after the gold rush ended and the burros/donkeys they had used to haul loads were turned loose into the hills.  They've since continued to breed and wander around the town freely as they are protected.

As we drove slowly along, we noticed this sweet baby curled up on the edge of the road and as we got nearer I noticed it had something stuck to it's forehead, so got up close to see what it said.....

and it was... STOP do not feed me burro food I'm just a baby.   Huge Awwwwww.... moment !  All the little shops in town sold bags of burro food for $1 and I suppose people were offering some to the baby but it's too young to eat it yet so this was the best way to make sure it was safe.

Here's a couple more pix from our visit to Oatman

It was a fun day out, worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in this part of Arizona.

I'll share more of my vacation pix in posts over the coming days.  Hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek into my adventures.

Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you again soon.


Kathyk said...

Fab pix, great quilt, love the baby burro pic especially


Linda said...

I hope your cousin liked the cosy quilt having been lucky enough to see it in real life I'm sure she did.

Love your photos and looking forward to seeing some more soon.

Debs M said...

great quilt and fabby pics x