Saturday, 1 January 2011

Do you have a Hotmail Email Account?

If you do, I urge you to log in and check it immediately.  Hundreds of thousands of MSN customers have had all their old emails, folders and even contacts deleted and they are opening their mail boxes to find them empty except for a 'welcome to hotmail' message as though their account is brand new.  I am a victim of this catastrophic problem and I have lost a huge amount of important data.  It has apparently not affected every hotmail customer, so I hope you are luckier than I !

Update:  Much to my astonishment, Microsoft have sorted out this problem and restored my 'lost' emails and data - thank goodness !!

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Kathleen said...

Oh dear, I logged onto my hotmail account this afternoon and found it all wrong but thought it was a hotmail blip of somekind, thanks Wynneth and sorry you have lost so much info. I'll log back on and check mine again.