Friday, 8 March 2013

Lovely soft cushion

I'm afraid that very little crafting has been happening here in Stamping Grandma's Crafty Space in the past couple of weeks.  These horrid bugs I managed to pick up have really taken their toll on me and I'm now on a course of antibiotics as I have an infection somewhere in my system which is causing me to continue with a fever.  This is my second day taking the meds and I think I can feel they are starting work as I don't feel quite so wretched as I have for almost two weeks.

So, today's project is the only thing I've managed to finish in the past few days.  A while back I shared my fleecy cushion as a Work in Progress and threatened to share pix once it was fully complete, so here it is.

I may add a few more embellishments in the coming days - if the mood takes me !  Now that I have pattern pieces which fit together well and create a square ideal for a cushion front, I may well make more as I have lots of bits of fleece left over from quilt backs in my stash.  I love how this came together in such a quirky fashion (anyone who knows me well will know how much I love 'quirky') and as it's made from fleece it's really nice to snuggle up with.

Got to get Mr Mojo fired up as I have a couple of birthday cards to finish off and post over the next 24 hours.

Thanks for dropping in to check today's project, let me know what you think of it, I love it when my Visitors leave me a comment.


Kathyk said...

Wotcher dude, good to hear that you think the antibiotics are starting to do their "thang"! - hope you will soon feel on the road to recovery matey.

Lovely cushion and it just looks like it would be so darned snuggly too!


Linda said...

Hope those antibiotics do the trick for you - you really have been suffering.

Cushion is fantastic and a great way to use up scraps.

Hope Mr Mojo arrives soon for you. x