Thursday, 7 May 2015

A Different Kind of Thank You

Hi there folks, I hope you are well and are having a wonderful day. 

I thought I'd share one of my little sewing projects with you today.  After Christmas (or any time of year) there are always Thank You cards/notes to send, but I decided to create something slightly different this year. 

I made these little lavender bags to say 'Thank You' for some of the gifts I received. Wrapped up prettily with gold tissue and tied with red ribbon they looked so nice.  Making them also used up some of the smaller pieces in my (large) fabric stash.

Here are a few of the bags

and a close up shot of a couple of them

They were very simple to construct, just squares cut from fabric and stitched together round the outside edge with right sides facing - leaving a small opening for turning.  They were then turned inside out (after clipping the corners off close to the stitching to minimise the bulk in the corners) and pressed before top stitching around the outside edges.  I filled them with dried lavender flowers and they are lovely to keep in lingerie or linen drawers to keep everything smelling sweet.  They could be refreshed with a couple of drops of Lavender oil once the natural flower scent has worn off.

I hope you enjoyed today's little project, I've a couple more sewing projects to share with you over the coming days.  Thanks for dropping by today, I really appreciate your taking time out to visit.  


Kathyk said...

Good to see you back in the habit (of blogging) again matey - we missed your creativity on-line.

Lovely makes again today too - love those warm colours

Wynneth's wand has been busy as I have acquired some B.A.T. myself now!!!


Lauren Hatwell said...

Oh Wynneth! These are so lovely. What a great way to use up some really pretty scraps of fabric. I do LOVE a lavender bag and I'm sure they were well received. Good to have you back in the Blogosphere too. Lx

Annie said...

they are fabulous Wynneth! good to see you crafting and stitching.
take care.
love and hugs, annie x

SARN said...

Ooh, ooh, I LOVE the look of these Wynneth. What a lovely idea.

Hugs, Sarn xxx