Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I'm Back !!!

Back home, that is, from two weeks in a very hot and sunny Spain. 

Totally exhausted - well that's what taking a 6 year old and a 12 year old on holiday will do!!! as well as arriving home at 5am this morning.  I do have a nice tan despite using Factor 50 suncream though -  I don't think I've ever spent so much time imersed in water, the boys so loved being in the pool and on the beach :o)  think I must have spent an average of 5 hours a day in the water!  I think if we'd been there any longer I was in danger of growing webbed feet and gills!!!!

I'm so pleased to see that all the scheduled posts I left before I went on my hols have published at the right time and have given you all something to see while I was away.  I guess it will be back to 'real' life again now so you can expect to see a few more projects posted up on here in the next few days.  It was nice to get away but I did miss my crafting - does that make me a sad person? LOL

Catch you all later !


Cherry said...

Welcome home Wynneth - sounds like you had a beach ball! I do Know what you mean - it is always nice to get home. Hugs Cherry XXX

Kathyk said...

Welcome home Wynneth and hubby - bet you had a ball with the grand children but I bet TTWD was well pleased to have you back again - we all missed you.

Is it me? or does anyone else see a little photobucket square saying the image has been deleted? It follows my up and down arrows too!!!


juniejo said...

YAY Wynneth wonderful to see you back my friend !! Glad you had a fantastic time !!!

Kathy I can see the photobucket too !!!

Annie said...

welcome back Wynneth! I am exhausted after taking an almost 5 year old for just half the day! hopefully we can get together soon when you are unpacked and rested up.
hugs, annie x

Annie said...

Hi again! yes I'd love to come around on Monday and will bring my new stuff. your floating thingy is because the cutest blog stuff isn't available any more - at least not the ones we both had. I redid my blog with what was available in blogger - lots more options to customise now. I find some of the 'pretty' blogs take ages to load so wanted to keep mine simple to showcase the cards etc.
enjoy the day.
hugs, annie x

Kathyk said...

Thanks Annie, for that explanation and Wynneth, your new background is pretty coooooool!