Saturday, 17 November 2012

Take one Jelly Roll.......... and Race !

I'm sharing a sewing project with you today, rather than a card.  After my visit to Cowslip Workshops' Christmas Fayre yesterday, I couldn't wait to get home and dig my sewing machine out !  All those fabulous fabrics and haberdashery.... Bliss !  This place is seriously harmful to one's bank balance !

Firstly, here are the pix from my visit to Cowslip which I promised to share yesterday.  I didn't actually take many as most of the stallholders were a little reluctant to allow me to take photographs of their displays - I guess I can understand they wouldn't want their ideas to be copied, but it is a pity as there were some yummy items. 

The whole place was decorated with beautiful festive design quilts, these are just a couple of them which were displayed outside the barns/outbuildings containing the stalls.


Here's a shot taken inside the (very crowded) restaurant - again beautifully decorated.  If you find yourself anywhere near Launceston in Cornwall in the next couple of days, it's well worth a visit to Cowslip.
Enough of my day out yesterday, let's get on to today's project.  Ever since I found a YouTube video of a 'Jelly Roll Race' I've been fascinated and wanted to have a go myself at making one of these.  So, when I picked up a lovely Moda Jelly Roll called 'Joy' at Cowslip yesterday I knew I'd have to sit at my sewing machine as soon as I got home !   I have to confess to being more than a tad intimidated by the amazing and intricately pieced quilt patterns around but do want to try out projects using the beautiful fabrics available. 
First take a Jelly Roll (packs of pre-cut fabric strips for anyone who knows little of the world of quilting - which was me a couple of months ago)

Add one of these and sew straight seams for a couple of hours

This it what you end up with (folded)

(Opened out)
(Close up of design)
I love the total randomness of this piecing method and of course this is only the quilt top, so there is a fair amount of work left still to do.  I plan to back it with cuddly fleece fabric and do the actual quilting in red thread.  It's a good size at 52" x 62" (sorry I just can't 'do' metric measurements !) even without a border - which I may or may not add.  It should make a warm and cosy festive quilt that'll invite every one to cuddle up with on a cold winter's night. Another Work in Progress but once it's finished I'll share more pix with you.
Hope you've enjoyed seeing today's project, I've a few more cards to share over the next few days, I'd love to have you visit again if you have the time.



clare said...

looks great so far wynneth and very festive colours too. looks like a fab fayre you went too as well. enjoy your weekend, quilting no doubt! x

Annie said...

aha! a non fattenting jelly roll! looking scrumptious all the same - and is going to be so lovely and warm and cozy.
hugs, annie x

Kathyk said...

Looks gloriously appropriate for the approaching festive season, Wynneth.

Happy Saturday


Lilian said...

Wynneth its looking great. Hugs

Lauren Hatwell said...

Love your jellyroll quilt Wynneth. They're so quick to make aren't they. Gorgeous Christmassy fabric choice too. Love it! Lx

Debs M said...

ooh love, this almost tempted to try one myself.. ooh maybe you could talk through an idiots guide at craftathon!

Louise said...

Love the look of that quilt in progress. Will you post a pic of the finished article later? I'd love to see it x