Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wednesday ? You betcha. Now what's on my Work Desk today Huh ?

Well, I'm happy to report that there ARE a number of things on my workdesk today - Yay ! 

At long last inspiration for some cards has come to me and I've been cardmaking in the last couple of days.  I'll be sharing pix of one of them tomorrow as it's my DT card for next week's Cute Card Thursday Challenge.  The bits on my desk are the makings for another DT card for the week after - I wonder if I've given the game away on what the theme is ?  Or maybe not !!  I'm such a tease aren't I ?

I've also done some more quilting and embroidery - seem to have got me a bit of an addiction to making cushions right now - oopsie !   Just think how pretty my home is going to look with all these new makes on display.

This cushion includes patchwork and hand quilting/embroidery and it is laid flat in the pic (I need to buy some more cushion pads as I've used up all the ones I had in stock !)  It was made using the very first kit I every bought and came from Cowslip Workshops (see below).  I thought I'd 'dabble' into the world of quilting so got this kit on my first visit to Cowslip.  The fabrics are so lovely that I decided to try and become more proficient before stitching the kit up.  Glad I waited as many of my 'trial and error' lessons and learning came in very useful for this project.

I made some cushions following a pattern from Jo Colwill's  - she IS Cowslip Workshops - this place is soooo worth a visit if you ever find yourself anywhere near Launceston.  If you aren't interested in fabrics/quilting, the café is amazingly full of yummy stuff and many a happy hour can be spent wandering in the tranquil gardens or just soaking up the calm and restorative atmosphere that pervades the whole place.  Just going to the 'Loo' is an experience not to be missed ! I won't say more as it might spoil the surprise. Jo's new book 'Cushions & Quilts' is a fabulous book and contains some great pix which give you a real 'feel' for the place. 

Here's a shot of three of my cushions - modelled by my sofa

To show more detail I've photographed them individually - for anyone interested in how they were constructed

This was the first one I made

I liked the first one so much I rummaged through my fabric stash, found some
more lush fabrics and made this one

Now anyone who knows me knows that I NEVER really follow patterns (or recipes !) to the letter and just HAVE to put my own twist on things.  So for the next cushion I decided to make it bigger by increasing the size of all the pieces except the central panel.  I think it worked but if I wanted larger again, I'd increase the size of the central panel too.

Yesterday was a glorious sunny and warm day and today seems to be shaping up much the same.  Fingers crossed the nice weather continues as tomorrow we are off to spend the day with friends who have a caravan in Polzeath, Cornwall.  It's a great surfing beach and, who knows, we might even dip a toe in the sea !  BBQ planned for the evening and it will be great to spend time with a couple who have been friends of our for around 35 years. 

If you've stuck it out to the bottom of this very l-o-n-g posting, well done and thanks for visiting.  Have a great day whatever you have planned.


Linda said...

So glad to hear the card making mojo seems to be returning to you.

Your cushions are absolutely gorgeous and look great on your sofa - how many do you think you can fit on there?

Have a nice day tomorrow with your friends - looks like it's going to be a lovely sunny day.

Debs M said...

Glad your mojo is back again, gorgeous makes Wynneth - your house will be full of gorgeous things x

Lauren Hatwell said...

WOW! Faaaahhhhhbulous cushions Wynneth. You really HAVE been busy haven't you. Thanks for the close up pics. They are much appreciated. It's always nice to see how things go together. Yummy fabrics too. Dribble, dribble...


Kathyk said...

As has already been said - fabulous creations matey, have a good day with your pals


Deb said...

Glad you are back into your cards again and I love your cushions, those fabrics are so gorgeous!

Jayne Hayward said...

your cushions are beautiful and love the designs

Jayne xx

Katie Berberich said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. A project I have been meaning to work on since January! I love how you changed the size too -why not right? Fabulous fabric choices too, so beautifully modelled by your couch.
Katie xx