Friday, 18 June 2010

Wedding Special

Last week it was my lovely Niece's wedding day in Falmouth, Cornwall. 

It was a real family affair with everything from invitations to place cards, favours and table decorations and especially the spectacular cake, created by members of the family.  The bride's brother was also the official photographer.

The weather was fantastic and everyone had a truly fabulous time, starting from the evening before when, after our evening meal, we all trouped across the road to the lovely beach and lit paper lanterns - most of which floated spectacularly up into the night sky - great fun!  Only the Bride and (one of the three!) Best Man were brave enough to go for a paddle!

I couldn't believe how calm the Bride was as we helped her to dress for the ceremony next morning.  The Bridesmaids both looked fabulous.

The Bride was totally radiant and I thought the Groom would burst with love and pride when she walked down the 'aisle' to his side.  I know they will 'live happily every after' as they were just 'made for each other'.  I wish them all the luck in the world as they set off on their life's journey together.

We had a fantastic meal and the Father of the Bride's speech had us all reaching for a tissue and laughing at the same time - well done Bruv!

Following the First Dance, we all set about enjoying a fabulous party, including a few visits to the Sweetie Shop.

There was no shortage of hands ready to catch the bouquet as the Bride tossed it over her shoulder!

I won't bore you with any more wedding piccies now, I may post up a few more another day!



Lauren Hatwell said...

Ahhhhh; What beautiful photo's Wynneth. Looks like you had a really lovely time. Thanks so much for sharing your piccies with us. More would be most welcome if you feel the urge. My very best wishes for the future to the happy couple. Looks like they're off to a fantastic start though doesn't it. Lauren x

Kathyk said...

Oh fab - thank you sooo much for sharing those pix - it looks like a fabulous day and everyone very involved - I even spy dad, Andy, I think!
I'd be happy to see more too - when you have a mo

Annie said...

what a fabulous day you had Wynneth and so glad the weather was kind for you.
hugs, annie x