Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dad meets new friends in Essex !

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, I'm away from my stash for the bank holiday weekend, so no new projects to share with you today. 

We had hoped to visit Cressing Temple Barns yesterday, when we arrived, however, we discovered it was closed to visitors while they are setting up for the Essex Guild of Craftsmen exhibition which is being held there this weekend.  We may well go back today to try again to get in as we have my Dad with us and he hasn't visited there before.  I found it to be a really fascinating place when I visited the first time a few years ago and am more than happy to make a second visit. 

So, with our plans for the afternoon thwarted, we decided to visit a nearby garden centre for a browse around and try to dodge the showers !   Of course we had to sample the delights of a cup of tea and a teacake while we were there and quite delish it was too. 

Here's Dad meeting some of the locals, they seem to be a friendly bunch !!

This evening we are meeting my lovely crafting pal BlueBertie (Lauren) and her OH at the Jack and Jenny pub for a nice meal and a catch up.   I haven't seen her since our craftathon in Bristol in June and I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about !

That's all from me for today folks, I may well have more piccies to share from this evening.  Have a great bank holiday, whatever you get up to.


Kathyk said...

Looks like the locals seem friendly then!! Your dad looks like he's having a good time too. Say Hi to her BlueBertie-ness for me later. Enjoy your meal too.


Debs M said...

great pics, im sure you will all have a great time tonight x

Linda said...

Nice to know the locals are friendly - did you manage to get back to the barns?

Have a nice time with your friends. x