Saturday, 30 January 2010

Something Completely Different

For many years I used to work with ceramics, both 'throwing' pots using a wheel and also sculpting.  One of the techniques I loved included using a Raku kiln.  The clay pot is thrown in the usual way and glazes applied to it before placing in the kiln.  A Raku kiln reaches much higher temperatures much faster than a regular kiln and the (often) unpredictable and delightful effects on the finished items are created by removing them while still glowing hot.  They are then placed it into a box of wood shavings and sawdust - other materials are sometimes added such as plant matter and even manure!! - and left to cool a little.  The sudden changes in temperature cause cracking in the glaze, and the smoke from the burning sawdust blackens the item which highlights the cracks.  The picture above is of a set of three pots I glazed and Raku fired.  I was very pleased with the finish, both colour and texture.
The next picture shows two items, thrown in the usual way on a wheel then glazes added which contain various crystals.  The crystals melt during the firing process in the kiln and create random natural patterns on the surface of the item.  The smaller pot is a nightlight holder - the holes were carved into the clay after it had dried a little and before firing - and the larger one I use to hold pot pourri.

I know I usually share my cardmaking projects with you, but I felt like a change today, I hope you've enjoyed your visit.  I will be showing you a card tomorrow and hope you'll return to allow me to share it with you.


scrappyjacky said...

Love the pots....this is something I'd love to have a go at.

Kathyk said...

I just KNEW you should have bought that micro kiln at the Craft4Crafters - I could picture your beautiful creations transferred to the glass medium.

miscanthuscrafts said...

Wynneth, i love ceramics but haven't done it for years (since uni) sometime get to dabble a bit at school when we do claywork. The pots are gorgeous, very tactile!!
Clare X

Lauren Hatwell said...

These are LOVELY. Gorgeous colour and I love the finish. One of the things on my list of crafts to try. Hope I get a chance one day. Lauren x

dragon said...

Oh Wow Wynneth,
How lucky are you. There is nowhere around here to try anything like that. You must have had so much fun..

Lynn xx

Craftyrose said...

Wow Wynneth, you are super talented! xx

Annie said...

I love your pots! especially the pretty blues.
hugs, annie x

Tammi said...

Wow! What stunning pieces! Love the colors and designs, your so talented! My mom would LOVE these!